RuptureSeal™ Marine Test Results

RuptureSeal™ Marine was designed to effectively seal through-hull punctures from either the inside or the outside of the hull of a watercraft.

We were recently asked a question by one of our customers, our friends at Landfall Navigation. Would RuptureSeal™ Marine be effective in maintaining air pressure in the pontoon of a rigid inflatable boat.

An intriguing question and fortunately Jason Champagne at SeaMasters in Dartmouth NS Canada, who repairs rigid inflatables, offered to do a test.  Jason and his colleague Simon Yip used the product in a repair to an RIB that came in to SeaMasters.

Here’s what Jason said about the test.

Good afternoon Karl,  We did some tests on your product with a Zodiac and it works fairly well. There is a small leak that comes out through where the wire tie pull is but it enabled us to keep half of the pressure in the Zodiac for at least 2 hrs.  (1.5) psi was the pressure.  I am truly surprised that it worked but pleased with the results.   Hope that this helps you a bit?


Yes, thanks Jason, this certainly does help.

This means that if you use RuptureSeal™ Marine in a puncture or gash on an RIB you will likely be able to get back to safe harbor since the air pressure will be maintained at a functional level for about two hours.

Here are some images and explanations of the test that took place.

Thanks Jason and Simon, much appreciated.


If anyone has any questions please let us now through our contact form on the website.

Safe boating.

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