RuptureSeal Marine Partners With Mermaid Marine

Saving Environments and Lives
RuptureSeal™ is gaining recognition throughout the world as a product which can simply and effectively seal leaks.  Deploying RuptureSeal™ can be the difference between a controlled spill and disaster.
The emphasis to date for this new product has mainly been on spill prevention in a great many industrial and accidental rupture situations including fire and hazmat response, oil and gas industry spill reponse, chemical storage and logistics and many other applications.
Now RuptureSeal™ Marine is moving into the marketplace to provide quick and easy leak sealing capability to commercial and recreational boating.  RuptureSeal™ Marine can protect your vessel and your crew by safely sealing ruptures fast.
Mermaid Marine has just launched the RuptureSeal™ Marine line in it’s new catalog and website.  This will make the product available to dealers right across North America.
Commercial and recreational boaters now have the opportunity to add RuptureSeal™ Marine to their on board safety equipment alongside fire extuinguishers and flares.
If you’re on the water, make sure you check out what Mermaid Marine has to offer.
Safe boating.

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